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Some EL news

Posted by Raduprv, 14 March 2006 · 156 views

For the past 2 weeks, I worked at a new feature, called "hyperspace bags".
The hyperspace bags are basically item containers (up to 10 different items, unlimited quantities for each item).
They are permanent, and will last forever, hidden in the hyperspace, until someone retrives them using a special item.
Their purpose is to hide some stuff, like some potions, ore, etc. for later use.
They are not really safe, because someone can get your bag if he or she knows where it is. So the players are encouraged not to put really valuble stuff in there.
They are also very useful for contests, we can put some prize in a hyperspace bag, then give the players clues about the location.

So far, we are testing this feature on the test server, I want to make sure it works right before putting it on the main server. We don't want exploits or anything.

Awesome. That reminds me a lot of geocaching. It will be interesting to see that implemented in game.
Awesome idea, I think that would add a new aspect to the game! Thats really cool, what about ways of preventing theft? Or minimizing it? Possibly even changing its location in the space every so often?
Yes, it was inspired by geocaching :)

As for preventing theft, that's not our objective. We even unoficially encourage people to go and take other's bags, it would add more fun to the game.
That's why we also told our players not to put anything they can't afford to lose in such a bag.

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