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Gaiiden's Scroll

GDC 2005: The Beginning

Posted by Gaiiden, 07 March 2005 · 46 views

So here we are at Moscone West (pronounced Moscoknee), sitting in the Press Lounge and waiting for the tutorials to start. They got us in a snug little corner here on the third floor... with windows! Ahhhh the sun!! Nooooo!!! I suppose they have us sequestered away in such a manner in order to prevent too many people from camping outside the partitions...

Ambitions, Desires, Bookmark of the Day, and Drivi

Posted by Gaiiden, 23 February 2005 · 89 views

So I just noticed today that my journal made Mushu's vaunted Approved Journals of Awesomeness list. I'm honored [smile]. Makes me wish I had some cool pics to post today, but sadly my camera has been quiet of late. Not to say that I have as well! Tuesday was of course the crazy gym night, I was just too tired to post yesterday. I also messed up on a...

The Car.... is MIIINE!!!

Posted by Gaiiden, 20 February 2005 · 35 views

So I got to drive the car home today. Hallelujah! It was a bit of a challenge - there was bumper-to-bumper traffic on the ramp to go back over the George Washington Bridge. I got flustered a bit and stalled twice - luckily I didn't roll back into anyone :P Still getting the hang of easing off the cluch while giving it gas. It's way harder than on...


Posted by Gaiiden, 19 February 2005 · 49 views

So it is officially the eve of me getting my new car. I'm driving up tomorrow morning to pay the guys and claim the Tiburon as my very own. My dad and I closed on the loan today and got the car under temporary insurance today as well, so that will hold me until the guy pays off Capitol One and clears the lien on the car and mails me the clear...

Torque 2D

Posted by Gaiiden, 16 February 2005 · 118 views

So I haven't been around GG much in the past few months, which is why I missed out on the early stages of Torque 2D development. I just found out about it in the press release I got about it being previewed at DesktopSummit. I was immediately intrigued, since I've always been a fan of GG (Hell I still wear the GG hat I got two years ago at GDC). I've...