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Gaiiden's Scroll

New Lust Item

Posted by Gaiiden, 29 January 2005 · 142 views

So I realized that I needed a new gadget in my life. I still want to build my desktop system but my new laptop will suffice for a good while. My first impulse was to get a PDA, like the Dell Axiom. I have an old Handspring Visor but the thing is pretty much useless now - its charger is on the fritz and the unit itself is pretty beat up. However after a...

New Lust Item

Posted by Gaiiden, 29 January 2005 · 51 views

Nuther One Knocked Off

Posted by Gaiiden, 27 January 2005 · 28 views

So I got my Creatrix interview done tonight - tomorrow it's RocketBowl... and then a break over the weekend. Yey. Prob have more scheduled for next week by Sunday tho. I think this time last year I might have done like, 2 or 3 interviews - this year I've already done 7 (well, tomorrow it'll be 7). I'm definetly on track to get all 20 teams interviewed...

Feeling Better

Posted by Gaiiden, 26 January 2005 · 54 views

So I was too sick to do much of anything over the weekend, besides play lots of Deus Ex of course. Some nasty cold hit me hard, and the flu seems to be going around too. As one of the coaches put it today, we do indeed work in a giant petri dish - I'm surprised I don't get sick more often, given that I'm around sniffly kids all the time :P

So yea - we...

Gaming It Up Oldschool

Posted by Gaiiden, 20 January 2005 · 46 views

Well okay, not too oldschool. I popped in my SimCity 4 CD last night - the first game installed on my new comp - and spent a while getting back into it. It's actually pretty cool in that a lot of the games I played like two or three years ago I played on a crappy computer that could barely handle them. I put up with the crappy framerates because...