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Gaiiden's Scroll

Computer Stuff

Posted by Gaiiden, 18 January 2005 · 42 views

I neeeded to seperate the comp stuff from the "other stuff" [smile]

So I got my KDS CD storage tower today - whoo hoo! I plugged it in and spent some time punching in numbers and watching it pop open empty cd trays. Quite entertaining let me tell you [wink] I'm going to have to pick up a USB cable tomorrow since it didn't come with one (I bought it el...

I Can Fly!!

Posted by Gaiiden, 18 January 2005 · 46 views

Tuesday, January 18th

Nuther night at the gym. This time we played... I dunno - there really isn't a name for it, so I'll just call it Superman. You'll see why in a second. Anyways the gym has two inground trampolines side by side, and then a third black one (the same type of tramp used for at-home tramps, only rectangular) and then a three foot...

All Set Up (for now...)

Posted by Gaiiden, 16 January 2005 · 64 views

Well I almost managed to get everything done tonight that I wanted to get done. I didn't even start tweaking out XP yet, because after I finished my maintenence (see previous entry) I got down and dirty (literally - there's sooo much dust in my room) and reorganized my desk and wiring to account for the new laptop, as well as for some other items I shall be...

Minty Fresh

Posted by Gaiiden, 16 January 2005 · 42 views

So I'm just about done setting up my laptop. I finished moving all mt files off my old laptop last night (this morning actually, if you want to get technical), I just defragged it a little while ago, and now I'm finishing up my Spyware and Antivirus scans. Nailed a few suckers that managed to creep on over the past three or four days. I have Panda...

Constantine will be good!

Posted by Gaiiden, 14 January 2005 · 53 views

Friday, January 14th

Well I'm finally almost up and running on my new laptop. It's taking me quite a while, mostly because I'm still doing work on the old laptop while setting up this one and that's when I'm at home and not at work or out socializing. But I just finished setting up Outlook today - the major bump was importing my 400MB PST...