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Gaiiden's Scroll

Fight Night

Posted by Gaiiden, 11 January 2005 · 102 views

Tuesday night at the gym baby. Oh yeaaaa! [smile]

So this guy I met online a few weeks ago showed up at the gym again tonight. He had emailed me earlier that he was working in his backfalls, so I had just the game for him to play: The Backdrop Game. The idea is simple: you have to jump backwards off a mat that's placed next to the trampoline, land...

Freakin Fiasco

Posted by Gaiiden, 10 January 2005 · 44 views

So if you read my previous post, the saga continues after I get home from work at around 7:30 pm. My first order of business is to get online with Sony tech support and make sure I have to start from Disc 6 every time the damn recovery system burns me a bad CD. Turns out that I do. Wunderful. By the way after my last post and before I went to work the...

New Family Member

Posted by Gaiiden, 10 January 2005 · 57 views

So the stork stopped by my house today and dropped off a little bundle of joy. Okay okay it was really the FedEx truck but... you know.

Yup, my new laptop is finally here. First order of business? Wipe it clean and reinstall my copy of Windows XP Pro to get all this factory crap off. The hitch? Seems Sony is cutting back on costs by no longer...

Holy Freaking Crap!!

Posted by Gaiiden, 06 January 2005 · 96 views

So yea, third entry of the day I know. But after posting my last entry, I noticed I still had a tab open to my order status page for my laptop. So just for kicks I hit the refresh button to see if maybe it had been at least processed and scheduled for production. Now, I last checked this page four hours ago and went stark raving mad when it listed my laptop...


Posted by Gaiiden, 06 January 2005 · 89 views


So I checked online for the order status of my new laptop and it seems the 256MB memory sticks they need for my model (I'm having two sticks to make 512MB) is on back order with no project ship date as of yet. The projected ship date for the laptop is the 10th! Arrrgh!! I placed the order on the 31st...