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Gaiiden's Scroll


Posted by Gaiiden, 11 December 2004 · 45 views

Saturday, December 11th

There have been a couple of GDNet local gatherings in the past few weeks, and while the group I gathered with tonight did so under the banner of the IGDA rather than GDNet, it was still the same thing: a bunch of developers meeting up to relax and have a good time.

Me and five other Jersey developers met up at the area Dave &...

Diddly Squat

Posted by Gaiiden, 10 December 2004 · 32 views

Yea... so okay I haven't been doing much lately programming-wise. It's been a busy week, especially with xmas looming ever closer. It's just getting a little tough balancing the schedule out so I can do everything. Like tomorrow I have a trampoline meet to coach and then it's straight up to Palisades to hang with the rest if the NJ IGDA chapter for dinner...


Posted by Gaiiden, 07 December 2004 · 89 views

This is funny [lol]

Read about my GUI below!!!

text input boxes

Posted by Gaiiden, 02 December 2004 · 110 views

The GUI expansion continues!

Here I have a text input box set up. I've always had text that you can change, but I've never wrapped it up into something like this. Meaning the input text (standalone) only accepts input after the text itself is clicked, not a certain area (like a box). Obviously this had shortcomings (like what happens if there's no...

Barrel Rolling

Posted by Gaiiden, 01 December 2004 · 69 views

So I finally created a cool game at the gym last night. I've always been kinda jealous of the fact that some of my other coach buddies have come up with cool games to play with the gym equipment. So I was just lying on a barrel, which is used to teach back handsprings, and I was just rocking side to side listening to a conversation. I was a little...