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Posted by Gaiiden, 01 October 2004 · 139 views

It was an OK day, tho kinda on the sucky side. We had a paltry audience of only like 50 people for both shows today. That was a drag. Then my wisodom tooth began acting up again and now I have a pounding headache. Gonna pop some more Tylenol before bed.

I guess the only highlight would be seeing Ladder 49. I wasn't expecting much, so I was surprised when it turned out to be a pretty decent movie. The reason I was seeing it in the first place is because one of my coaching buddies, Jason Garcia, was a stuntman in that movie. He did two stunts. One was when they tore down the door to a house and flames blew out, and the second was when the guy got thrown against a wall when blasted with steam. Look for his name in the credits [smile]

So yea. My tooth is freakin killing me so I'm going to bed. Didn't get to mock up any more logging stuff. That sucks. Oh well...