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Need updates? Don't just look to us.

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 16 February 2011 · 564 views

It's important to remember that the development of this website is no longer entirely under our control, and this isn't the only place you can go to for development information.

When we switched over to IPS we gave up a good deal of the freedom that we had with our own custom software that we had been using since the website's inception in 1999. On the flipside, while we get to focus on content and features (once we finish ironing out a lot of issues that still persist - we know!), there is a whole team of people actively improving and modernizing the base website functionality without us having to lift a finger. So while I'll be updating this blog periodically with changes and new stuff we'll be adding to GameDev.net as the months go on, I encourage our community to also keeps tabs on the IPS company blog to see what will soon be rolling out for the base site technology.

My favorite example would be this post on the new WYSIWIG text editor that IPS will be including in an update to IP.Board. OMG auto save. Hells yes. It should also make content submission via the forums as I would prefer to be more of a possibility.

If you want to help direct development of IPS as a means of helping direct changes here on GameDev.net, then grab yourself an IPS account and start commenting on these blogs! Or just continue sending us requests and we'll go about sending off the ones we can't handle to IPS for their consideration.

In general site news, yes we are still hunkered down with our heads buried in GDC prep. Again, post GDC we will be free to get back to handling all the low-priority bug issues still open as well as going through and analyzing the hundreds of general feedback submissions we have so far. Keep em coming! I'm filing them away each and every day for us to fully review at the start of next month.

As always, for immediate concerns I can be reached via PM or email.

I think this was pretty clear already. Are there still pussies around threatening with leaving the site if you don't make it look like they want? :)
Well, I don't assume everyone knows. Besides that point, the main purpose here is to make people aware of the IP blog - that's never been mentioned anywhere before to my knowledge.
Yes, it was good to find out about the IPS blog. I hadn't even thought about heading there to check on updates. Thanks for pointing us in that direction if we want to expend some effort on fixing up the forums for the rest of the community.
Yeah, cheers for the link. It'll be nice to be able to see upcoming improvements direct from the developer and I'd agree that it is a great thing that those guys are working on the site tech so you are free to focus on the content.