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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 12 August 2011 · 473 views

weekend reading
Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 8/5 - 8/12

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

Journal of dx elliot - dx elliot has his second Flash game Defend Your Nuts released and free to play over at Armor Games - check it out! Congrats to him on the release and you can read more about the development of this project over at his other blog

Featured Member Journal Entry

Graphics & Games... or the other way around - Matias Goldberg has a large update on his project Distant Souls, showing off images of the various character models he has created for the game and revealing why, in Blender, it's best to choose a single height for your male and female characters. In addition to discussing the plot background and model development of each character, he also covers how his limited budget is affecting the story background.

New Journal Land scribes this week: japro,

Project Updates

  • Yckx's GameDev Journal - not being able to do much work on his PacHedron project lately, yckx has been learning Blender and working on ways to get better acquainted with Lua. He talks about how Blender's UI bugs him and using Lua for his game's model file format.
  • Jemgine - Deyja describes the algorithm for compiling an entity into a single vertex buffer - with "entity" being an object in his C#-developed XNA engine
  • A non-programmer's programs - szecs goes over the purpose behind his work on the Paper Modeler project, updates on progress and includes a batch of new screenshots of new functionality
Game Dev Stuffs

  • New Old Things - Endurion continues to move forward on his C64 game project. This next step covers sprucing up the player sprite by adding some animation and also increasing jump ability
  • Beals Software - Programmer16 poses the question "why not tie accounts to computer names?" in referring to online authentication for games. He admits this is an idea that may not be great, but one he's wondering about. Security experts, weigh in!
  • RedPin's Game Jorunal - RedPin discusses how you should be focusing on creating products that satisfy the demands of consumers and in a separate entry covers the various aspects that go into creating a successful business
  • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts continues his journey to build an isometric game using the Horde3D engine. He's at Part 4 at the time of this writing so hop in and check out the latest
  • The Code Zone Bargain Basement Blog - johnhattan has a postmortem up on his latest project, which he completed in 2 weeks and pushed out to the App Store as well as the Playbook and Android stores. He talks about the store publishing as well as the game development process.
Other Stuffs

  • Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer Posted Image - everyone stop by and say goodbye as blewisjr bows out from game development in pursuit of other computer programming interests. For the time being at least. We've certainly seen the return of many who left for a while. Hopefully one day blewisjr will pick up game dev again. Until then... best of luck!
  • Journal of Aardvajk Posted Image - good to know you're still around Aardvajk - no, none of us are surprised either that you don't have any time for side projects anymore :) I'm sure tho the urge will return in time once things settle down again.
  • Reflections of a Mindless Individual - YellPika has to deal with some restrictions while working on school computers - like no access to a command prompt. He's circumvented this with the help of C# and reports how