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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 01 October 2011 · 506 views

weekend reading
Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 9/23 - 10/1

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

Dungeon Fortress - Darkness is not your friend - Ashaman73 takes a detailed look at suspension of disbelief and how it is carried out in video games, citing several examples both good and bad, and touching on how people come into a genre with certain expectations regarding the "reality" of things.

Featured Member Journal Entry

The Bag of Holding - this is a long, long post ApochPiQ made about his game development history and you should schedule some time to read it all. ApochPiQ has been around for a good while by this point and someone like that, in recounting their personal history, can offer a ton of valuable insight that you can apply to your own efforts in becoming a professional game developer or possibly becoming a better professional game developer. I say again - read it all!! In related news, would you consider having a book of posts made in this journal?

New Journal Land scribes this week: rgandhi, ConorJH, LoreHunter, Thomas Amaranth and ashdev!

Project Updates

  • Milcho's Journal - details on Milcho's Procedural Editable Terrain project which will let you generate some 3D landscapes and then let you unleash the sculpting tools on them
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ talks about introducing separate compilation to the Epoch language and details what that is, what it involves and why he's considering adding it
  • Development of Vegetables at War - SuperMaximo93 shows off the hitbox rendering in the level editor and shares some code on how he lets you now set the hitbox for scaled models at the creation of the instance. Then he talks about using Awesomium to create the game's UI with HTML/CSS/Java through WebKit
  • Journal of Aardvajk Posted Image - Aardvajk has updates on Om, his scripting language such as concatenation and adding more complexity such as custom and nested types
  • Jemgine - Deyja also has an update on his scripting language Deyjascript, as well as the usual code examples and the latest script files. He's added modules in this latest release
  • Robot University -- a 2D DirectX Puzzle Posted Image - puz has made a small Android game to better learn as he reads up on Android development. If you have an Android device your can download it can give it a spin!
  • Wilhelm's Journal Posted Image - Wilhelm van Huyssteen also has a download up - a playable prototype of his multiplayer FPS game Blood Tactics
Game Dev Stuffs

  • CoffeeCoder's Journal - CoffeeCoder decides he's not going to use Blitz3D for his project and briefly goes over why he's switching to GLBasic instead
  • Journal of the Mini-Engine (ME) - still learning the ins and outs of basic OpenGL? ChaoSXDemon has a nice list of tips for you!
  • Digivance Game Studios - Dan Mayor found a gem of a Help Wanted ad on the forums - and not in a good way. He took it upon himself to deconstruct the ad and point out why it's so bad and brings a negative view on the studio itself. There are definitely some ill-written ads in the Help Wanted forum - we only care if it follows the template, convincing people to join your team is your job. If you don't want to bungle it up check out Dan's comments for insight on avoiding doing so.
  • StarDust DevLog - KaRei talks about exponential fog modes in OpenGL with a graph to help visually depict how each of the three modes behave along with ways to get the fog density you want
  • New Old Things - the latest step in Endurion's Commodore 64 game takes the high score table feature even further by saving the scores and reloading them next time the game is played
  • Promit's Ventspace - Promit has an interesting writeup from his recent trip out to San Francisco to attend the first meeting of the Entertainment Software and Cognitive Neurotherapy Society. Basically - how does computer gaming affect the human mind? Your brain on games! Any questions?
Other Stuffs

  • IfThen Software LLC - InvisibleMan continues his journey of learning the intricate details of electronics, covering topics like very long instruction words, details on memory access latency and DDR SDRAM memory banks
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