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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet 23 December 2011 · 514 views

weekend reading
Double dose of Journal Land updates for your holiday weekend! I'll also be updating next Friday as well since the New Years weekend follows that. However starting in 2012 I will be moving Weekend Reading to Sunday afternoon. Happy holidays!

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 12/11 - 12/23

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

WorldAlpha.com DevBlog - worldalpha covers the various marketing avenues leverage to start spreading the word about World Alpha around the 'net. Forums, twitter, facebook, events, IRC, Reddit, etc. A nice checklist for anyone else looking to market their project and want to make sure they have all bases covered

Featured Member Journal Entry

Adam Omega - adam4813 has a new take on the design approach he started for his game at the beginning of this year, going for "distinct and operate modules" rather than managers in his engine. He shares some code from the system and also links to the Bitbucket page that hosts the repository, which is open source

A warm welcome to new Journal Land authors ctriolo, Overm1nd, sirkibble2, Black-RookPosted Image, Mayley, darc koder, LarryADaniel82, SpeedRun and BeerNutts!

Project Updates

  • One man show - ne0_kamen has a video showing off a new puzzle and robot for his game Robica
  • Walking Towards The Sun - freeworld has a short video update of his project showing the dragging and dropping of game tiles
  • Journal of Suspense - in addition to a small XNA game he created you can play, Suspense has decided to go the route of the indie and lays out his plans for a meta-game site he'll be using to distribute his projects
  • D Bits Posted Image - Aldacron summarizes his experience with using Dolce for game creation, porting the A5teroids demo from the Allegro 5 package. It's definitely changed how he wants to approach some things
  • Journal of Lee Stripp - mixmaster covers the refactoring he's made to vortxGE and that he's ready to use the engine for a game. Where to begin he asks
  • Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense Posted Image - Deranged has a new version of his website up and is looking for feedback
  • Wavesonics Pseudo-Random Journal Generator Posted Image - Wavesonics intros his new project, team and the decision behind using Unity3D to power it
  • Once a Bird - Demosthenes has a video update for Graveyard Shift showing off the new zombie animations which include frames for movement, attacking and dying
  • The Animal Farm GameDev Blog - Nairb swings by to let us know about an update to his iOS game Cuddle Bears and also that there is a free version available now as well!
  • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph Posted Image - Jason Z has setup a sample project in his repository for Hieroglyph 3 engine that starts to explore Kinect development. He explains where he plans to take this project and Hieroglyph 3in relation to Kinect
Game Dev Stuffs

  • Not dead... - phantom talks about the DX11 renderer/engine he wants to whip up to get back into the current tech of graphics as well as why he decided to go with the Sponza Atrium scene to test out his engine's power. Also he's now in the Decade Club of members who've been visiting/contributing to this site for 10 years. Congrats!
  • Writing Web Games Posted Image - Battagline shares some stats to show how his games (which he's been busy re-skinning for Christmas) have shown steady growth on the Chrome store
  • New Old Things - the latest step in Endurion's Commodore64 game tutorial covers forcing enemies back a bit when they are shot as well as having them go poof in smoke when they are defeated
  • Bidimensional Dreams - dejaime acknowledges this list is a bit old, but it's a rather comprehensive list of free game libraries nonetheless
Thanks for stopping by Evil Steve, Aardvajk

Thanks for another mention of my journal!
I thought you would chose my newer post! haha

I gave one of your newer post a Featured spot on the journals listing & front page so I didn't include it here. Fair enuff? :)
Thanks for the featured mention. I plan to add a couple more posts this week about the new design.

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