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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in GDNet, Weekend Reading 30 December 2011 · 1,081 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 12/23 - 12/30

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

et1337 makes games Posted Image - et1337 has an extensive post covering several topics - most interesting is his use of the Facebook Graph API in conjunction with the Panda3D engine to create a navigable 3D interface that lets you explore all sorts of connections within your Facebook profile. He also has an update to his personal project Lemma, talking about the new C# scripting and how that ties into an animation system he added similar to the Universal Tween Engine. He then talks about a GPU Gems article he used to help tweak the game's colors. Both the Facebook graph and scripted animation system have source links as well.

Featured Member Journal Entry

SuperMaximo93's game development - SuperMaximo93 takes a look back at him and his partner participating in the latest Ludum Dare event, talking about how their game developed and has a link for anyone to try it out

From the StaffProject Updates
  • Chronicles of the Hieroglyph Posted Image - Jason Z spent time on his Christmas vacation building a sample program for Hieroglyph 3 that shows how to use it within an MFC application
  • Lyost's Journal Posted Image - Lyost details what he managed to get working in his XNA tank game and some of the key things he's learned from the project along with some pictures of it in action. No release build?
  • SuperMaximo93's game development - SuperMaximo93 talks about integrating Box2D physics into Station 6
Game Dev Stuffs
  • 2D Game Making, the Easy Way - BeerNutts continues to share what's behind his component entity system and has the source available for download as well.
  • Journal of matt_j Posted Image - matt_j shares some pitfalls he's discovered working with the Android NDK to convert his game framework. It turns out it's rather tedious getting changes he makes to his C code to take effect on the device. He also has some questions he's hoping someone can help him out with
  • Data Spire - darkpegasus has a quick rundown on the differences between CMYK and RGB
Other Stuffs
  • Walking Towards The Sun - freeworld takes some time off to play a little guitar and shares a tune he's been working on.

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