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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 29 January 2012 · 1,003 views

Crap did two weeks go by again? Where is time going so fast? Here's hoping I keep my head above water for next Sunday!

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 1/15 - 1/29

Featured GDNet+ Posted Image Journal Entry

Litheon's Journal - Litheon has been playing around with Real-Time Local Reflections (RLR) (or Screen Space Reflections). He shares his implementation, the problems he's found with it so far, the resources he's used to create this demo (test program included) and is looking for comments and suggestions.

Featured Member Journal Entry

et1337 makes games - the Global Game Jam was this past weekend and 11,195 people spent the past 72 hours or so making games, including et1337, who live-blogged his experience at his jam site and included the link to the finished product of his team - Snakes in a Tower. Who else out there participated in the Jam this past weekend? Be sure to share your projects and experiences here!

Welcome to new journal authors Digitalis, Net Gnome and zBuLe!

From the Staff
  • Under Development Law @ GDNet - games lawyer and business/law forum moderator monalaw continues her series on why you should always have a written agreement while working on a project with other people. After covering the basics in her last entry, it's now time to apply it to situations indie devs commonly find themselves in
Project Updates
  • Once a Bird - Demosthenes has a new gameplay video up showing off pools of blood leaking out around the fallen enemies you blast away
  • Journey To Hammerdale Devlogs - Winged Doom shows off some early design and concept work for his Zelda-esque project Journey to Hammerdale
  • r1ckparker's Journal - r1ckparker is back with video and image updates to his 3D maze game
  • Pixel → Tile → World Posted Image - Servant of the Lord elaborates a bit more on design for his AdventureFar project as well as goes into depth about the game's plot development
  • OddGames development journal Posted Image - O-san is back with another development update, recognizing he's been at work on this project for 5 years or so and that while he's still motivated it's time to focus on key elements and cut everything else out
  • Wilhelm's Journal Posted Image - check the latest imrpovements Wilhelm van Huyssteen has made to Blood Tactics over the past three months and as usual you can check out the game over at his website
  • Journal of Lee Stripp - Lee Stripp has been very busy the past 2 weeks working on both vortxEDIT (level editor) and vortxGE 2.0, the latter which has seen updates to compositing, lighting, shadow maps, float buffers and more
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ stops by to let everyone know the current status of his Epoch language project, still gearing up for Release 12
  • WorldAlpha.com DevBlog Posted Image - worldalpha has some new assets to show off and is also curious as to which sniper rifle design people find the most interesting
  • Melting Cube - cgpIce has updated his website for his personal projects, including Dukandia
Game Dev Stuffs
  • Just Let It Trickle - love Linux and hate how working in Windows robs you of some of the tools Linux provides? adeyblue points out that while Linux versions of whoami, ln, cat, grep, ps and chmod have been modeled to some extent in Windows, chroot has not. He has a solution for this.
  • Chris's Animation Blorg - ctriolo talks character design for sprites, covering the importance of recognizable characters, shading, proper use of color palette, and more
  • AmzBee's Journal - AmzBee has a video of the January tech demo for her team's game engine Phobius3D as well as some background on the project and what the engine is capable of
  • New Old Things - Endurion moves ever onward in creating his Commodore 64 game. Now at step #40, it's time to add spawn spots for enemies to come from and the player to remove to clear a level
  • Zach's Development Journal - ZBethel has begun a port of the Artemis Entity System Framework from Java to C++
Other StuffsThanks for stopping by Black-Rook, meh.team (look forward to hearing about Alpha release tho!)