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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 30 June 2012 · 532 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 6/22- 6/29

Project Updates
  • Thekill473's Tinker Shop - Thekill473 has a screenshot of his C# XNA 2D project and a reminder that they are still looking for a pixel artist
  • Net Gnome's Vaerydian Journal - Net Gnome goes over how he plans to best use the Bus he implemented in his previous journal enrty
  • Beals Software Posted Image - Programmer16 has a website up for his Treasure House demo project created with his SAGE engine
  • Melting Cube - cgpIce brings another weekly update from the dev team, listing the new features added to Dukandia, focused mainly on the engine to help speed up overall development
  • kseh's blog - kseh adds a small update, but one he feels well warranted, to his platform game project and uploads a new build
  • Archer Alec Devlog - HabitueGames shows off a shot of the game with a night level
Game Dev Stuffs
  • Graphics & Games... or the other way around - Matias Goldberg breaks down and details how he went about designing and creating the boss battle for his project\
  • Rendering Systems Posted Image - RSI3D helps you get started with his ShaderMap2 SDK by walking you through the process of creating materials
  • Mark the Artist Fights the Future - Prinz Eugn gets technical on the artistry behind star ship design, citing his influences and what he thinks makes a good battleship
  • SpaceBeam development - peous has started a new blog for technical artists and already has 3 tutorials available: "How to model a sphere", "Polygon repartition on humanoid" and "How to count vertices"
  • D Bits Posted Image - Aldacron looks at the Uniform Function Call Syntax (UFCS) of D - what it is, how it's used - now that it is no longer useful for just arrays
  • Kimmi's developer blog - Kimmi has released v3.0 of Asset-Importer-Library over on Sourceforge
  • Every Semicolon Posted Image - Matt Carr details the volumetric objects/effects he has created so far for Unity, which are also available in the Asset Store
  • New Old Things - Endurion takes a larger step on his way towards creating a Commodore64 game and adds a second character set along with the ability to have border-less levels