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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 22 July 2012 · 1,319 views

No, Weekend Reading isn't moving back to Sunday, I've just been a bit overly pre-occupied getting ready to leave for Shanghai tomorrow, as ChinaJoy is flying myself and a fellow journalist from Events For Gamers out to cover their China Game Developers Conference. I'll see what kind of internet access we have when I get there and be reporting on the event either while I'm there or after I get back the following week.

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 7/13 - 7/22

Greetings to new Journal Land authors TMKCodes, miicchhii, Burning Hand, warbringers and TyberthiaGaming!

Project Updates
  • Mark the Artist Fights the Future Posted Image - Prinz Eugn has a short post with some updated battleship artwork
  • Rendering Systems Posted Image - RSI3D explains why his 3D tree generating engine Woody3D is being discontinued but the idea itself will live on in a new iteration
  • Ralph McJournalstein - KanonBaum has a Mac beta version of his weekend challenge-based project Re-Lease the Kraken, with a Windows, Linux and iPad ports coming when he's able to complete them
  • Fuzzlr - hammon has decided to continue development on his Fuzzlr goal tracking app and is asking for any javascript developers that want to help out
  • r1ckparker's Journal - r1ckparker has an early demo build of Deepfall Dungeon available for testing
  • Zach's Development Journal - ZBethel has his own demo uploaded to demonstrate basic tank movement and physics as well as seeing how it runs on other machines
  • Vaerydian Journal - Net Gnome has moved the Vaerydian codebase to Mono from pure .NET/XNA for cross-platform support and talks about some of the issues that arose during the process and that he's discovered while using Mono itself
Game Dev Stuffs
  • Pixel → Tile → World Posted Image - Servant of the Lord has realized that the system he uses to help organize his files and folders doesn't really work well for cross-platform development thanks to how some platforms handle certain symbols like [] and (). Other than this revelation, he's wondering what other ways people like to organize their file systems
  • New Old Things - Endurion's latest step in creating a Commodore64 game adds a third boss. He also takes some time to help out with people having emulator issues
  • 2D Game Making, the Easy Way - BeerNutts talks in depth about entity systems and why he's retooling his to align with what's being done by the Artemis System, a Java-based entity system framework
Thanks for stopping by, Programmer16Posted Image (and congrats on the impending nuptials!)