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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 09 December 2012 · 929 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 11/30 - 12/9

Welcome new Journal Land author doeme!

Project Updates
  • Archer Alec Devlog - HabitueGames has begun recording development log videos of Archer Alec, and is looking for votes to help get the game up on Indie DB's Indie of the Year list
  • Retro Grade - superman3275 does a case study on Breakout and also has a project built of the game for download
  • OddGames development journal - O-san has a few updates and new images on Medieval Story, which is still coming soon in demo form, for starters
  • D Bits Posted Image - Aldacron has built a Tic-Tac-Toe game in D and made the source available on GitHub. He also talks about the modular approach he took implementing the game
  • WorldAlpha.com DevBlog - worldalpha announces the first closed beta was a success, reminds everyone their IndieGoGo campaign is coming to a close soon, announces the start of the second closed beta, and talks about the continuation of the WorldAlpha story
  • Wilhelm's Journal - Wilhelm van Huyssteen has a new video and new images of Strife showing off the latest additions: spell interface and leveling
  • Mark the Artist Fights the Future Posted Image - Prinz Eugn shows off some damage textures from his latest sprite pack in progress
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ has a downloadable demo available for the raytracing engine he's been building and optimizing the past 2 weeks using his programming language Epoch
  • Tdawg30's Journal - Tdawg30 summarizes the basic design of his turn-based strategy game
  • A long, frozen Path - rhnz shows off new images of Frozzen using Browserquest Tiles and also announces he's looking for an artist
  • CodeImp Game Developments - klapstoelpiloot's latest project update includes new images and concept art as well as a change to the game's title, which is now Rampage M. He also mentions use of the Jitter Physics library and a new level designer
  • Lotus: Tales of the Lost Ones Posted Image - Arthur Souza announces that Lotus: Tales of the Lost Ones is now on IndieDB
  • The life of a Unity Developer - dtg108 and team have to push on after learning of another project similar to theirs in the works
  • Pixel → Tile → World Posted Image - Servant of the Lord draws up some new pixel assets, various couch designs and styles
  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag shows off a new model in Corporation-States and also links to an old game project he is revisiting, Pathogen
  • Bluefirehawk's: "Project Phoenix" - Bluefirehawk continues the discussion of having distinctive music for various aspects of your game when he stumbles across a tune he found to fit his idea of the game perfectly
  • Journal of Mak - Mak doesn't have high hopes for Dominion's Kickstarter but realizes the problem is his lack of marketing/PR experience and is looking for tips and advice
Game Dev Stuffs
  • Retro Grade - superman3275 takes a look at the use of the Auto Variable, a new addition to the C++ standard
  • AmzBee's Journal - AmzBee has an introductory tutorial on how to use the level editor for the PC edition of the Genix engine
  • Ramblings of a partialy sane programmer - blewisjr is disappointed to find the latest version of Visual Studio doesn't have PIX nor the command line compilers unless you get the $500 version and is wondering if there's a good solution out there
  • Path Tracing Is Fun - Bacterius foregoes fancy ray-traced imagery to focus more on the theory behind light rendering, including scattering, transmission, absorption and reflection
  • SpeedRun's Journal - SpeedRun has a tutorial on using ray-tracing techniques to determine the world position from a screen location
  • achild's Journal - achild learns how valuable it is to let someone use your tool (or game) and just sit back and watch. He also has an animated image of the tool in action
  • Crawling with ideas - ManTis has decided to make 7 games from 7 different genres in as many days in order to get ready for an upcoming Ludum Dare event. This is the intro post - individual game posts start going up the next day
  • New Old Things - Endurion's latest step in making a Commodore 64 game opens the large door that's been sitting unused in the background
Other Stuffs
  • Blue stain Posted Image - alfith models and then prints out the peices for making a papercraft harvester for his son. Neat!