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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 04 January 2013 · 1,056 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 12/22- 1/4

Welcome new Journal Land authors Kaptein and edawaru!

Project Updates
  • Welcome to Flying Cow Ink - Hertzy and team have been releasing development podcasts as they work on their first title for the Xbox
  • r1ckparker's Journal - r1ckparker has updated Deepfall Dungeon with improved graphics, additional monsters, a new game mode and various bug fixes
  • RuinValor - Birth of Talos - riuthamus talks about the UI design for RuinValor and links to an article with more information on UI systems
  • DMD 'Ware - polyfrag has a rough cut of the intro movie for Pathogen
  • Archer Alec Devlog - HabitueGames has a new screenshot and list of changes/additions for Archer Alec, as well as a demo!
  • Journal of mikeman - mikeman has updates and two new gameplay videos of his racing game Windchasers
  • Journal of Aardvajk - Aardvajk conquered 2D GJK over the holiday break and has been advancing into 3D rendering and collision detection with much success
  • Crawling with ideas - ManTis, fresh off the completion of his 7 games from 7 genres in 7 days challenge, has set himself a new goal in 2013 - 12 games in 12 months
  • Severin's Journal - Severin has uploaded Ruins to Game Jolt along with an earlier project of his
  • Epic Zombie's Journal - Epic Zombie shares his troublesome experience with having to maintain a GPS connection in his app while it was suspended after the player switches to another app on their phone
  • Merry Prankster Games - gdunbar still has a ways to go but did at least get 10 Fantasy Fights running in some form in the iPad emulator
  • The Bag of Holding - ApochPiQ was busy over the holiday break adding new features and optimizations to his programming language Epoch
Game Dev Stuffs
  • /* Why you crying? */ - JTippetts talks about how he best uses Lua and whether such advantages can be replicated in C++
  • Designing: The Game and Its Content - sunandshadow closes out her 14-part series on designing a pet game with a recap of each major element covered. Hit up her journal for the whole series
  • Journal of Mak - Mak shares the data from a survey he put before his kickstarter audience for his space game Dominion
  • Lyost's Journal Posted Image- Lyost has finished porting his particle system editor over to D3D11 and has the source available under the MIT license
  • The Curiously Recurring Gimlet Pattern Posted Image- jwezorek has a solution for a Cocos2d-x device orientation bug he came across while developing for iOS6
  • D Bits Posted Image- Aldacron concludes his 5-part series on how to create bindings to C libraries with the D programming language
  • Leadwerks Dev Blog - Josh Klint talks about the evolution of the entity and physics system in Leadwerks 3
Other Stuffs
  • Retro Grade - superman3275 describes how to work around the "horrid file system" in the HTML editor Aptana Studio Three, a slight drawback to what he considers and otherwise excellent IDE
  • evolutional.co.uk - evolutional recaps the year that ended with him happily ensconced at Lionhead Games
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