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Weekend Reading: Tales from Journal Land

Posted by Gaiiden, in Weekend Reading 11 April 2014 · 509 views

Here are your Journal Land entries from the period of 4/4 - 4/11.

Project Updates
  • RADICAL HEROES: CRIMSON CITY CRISIS - MAD UNICORN GAMES is prepping for the release of Crimson City Heroes on Desura in just four days from now
  • Shipyard Development - nerdboy64 has a new development update on his site and some new images of Shipyard
  • Flappy Assassin is now available - CHNKgames continues his assault of Flappy Bird clones. The latest, Flappy Assassin, is now playable
  • ferrous' Journal - ferrous has a Unity prototype playable in the browser plugin that is based off the old Atari game MazeWar
  • Squared'D's Journal - Squared'D has a brief update and an image of new character rendering for Auxnet: Battlegrounds
  • Out Of The Ashes - Burnt_Fyr has pretty much made up for his huge data loss at this point, and is looking at where his project is heading from here
  • Nyphoon's Thrilling Quest for Release and Everything In-Between - Nyphoon Games is chasing down minimalism in his latest game concept, and talks about ways he's trying to find it and how it affects the gameplay
  • DareDeveloper's Journal - DareDeveloper is finding it trickier than he thought it would be to combine Tetris with 2048 while working to get a grasp on Canvas
  • From End to Beginning - coremarq has a new build uploaded for his second turn-based rougelike project
  • RuinValor - Birth of Talos - riuthamus has some new artwork and overview of what's been happening with the development of RuinValor
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