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2006 Independent Games Festival

Posted by dgreen02, 06 July 2005 · 205 views

I'm shooting to enter the game into the 2006 Independent Games Festival ( http://www.igf.com ), the deadline for the initial round is September 6, 2005...and I guess the game needs to have completed gameplay to be considered. This means an insane amount of work for me in the next 2 months...but I'm up for it :-)

If the game gets accepted as a finalist...

Gang War

Posted by dgreen02, 05 July 2005 · 157 views

Recently I've been getting the gameplay taken care of...the gangsters can now move intelligently throughout the environment, and the player can order them around. If the gangsters see an enemy they will engage them for a certain amount of time depending on the situation, while still making their way to their goal.

The enemy boss AI is very basic at...

Cars and Newton Physics

Posted by dgreen02, 29 June 2005 · 431 views

I've recently contracted an artist to make 15 cars for Gang War. The interiors/trunks are fully modeled, the doors/trunk is animated, there is damage....and I told him to keep it under 1500 triangles. I got the first one (Police Car/Taxi) the other day and I'm very happy with the way it looks, I really can't wait to get them all into the game. I'll...

Interior Lighting

Posted by dgreen02, 26 June 2005 · 280 views

I stumbled upon this program today, it's called Light Map Maker.

I've been trying to figure out the best way to handle lighting in the interiors of the buildings...and this little $39 dollar program was the solution to my problem.

It's very easy to use, and does it's job well...it supports lightmaps, radiosity, and all kinds of other cool stuff. ...

Gang War Stuff

Posted by dgreen02, 23 June 2005 · 321 views

Got some more pictures of the game. I've been 'stress testing' the engine lately (ie: spawning 100s of gangsters in a field and letting them blindly kill each other). The AI is coming along nicely, I've got the pathfinding working perfectly as far as I can tell. Also, I added a cool little debug window, and node diagnostic ability to the game...I'll put...