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The nearsighted one cometh

quick update

Posted by Dave Astle, 03 September 2005 - - - - - - · 194 views

Weigh-in: 206.0 lbs

Yeah. August was a good month for weight loss.

I'm in the home stretch for More OpenGL Game Programming. It was due on Monday, but since I'm working with 20+ authors on this, a few of them are late getting their stuff in. But, 95% of the book has been edited, and 75% has been turned in. I'm really quite happy with the way the...

Paradigm shift

Posted by Dave Astle, 29 July 2005 - - - - - - · 258 views

(Whatever) weigh-in: 215.0 lbs

I'm supposed to see a sports medicine specialist in a couple of weeks, but because I'm that way, I spent a great deal of time over the past week doing some reading (much of it at Testosterone Nation) to figure out what lead to the tendonitis in my shoulder, and to determine what I can do to prevent it from being a major...


Posted by Dave Astle, 21 July 2005 - - - - - - · 256 views

Damn I'm frustrated right now.

Two months ago, I hurt my shoulder while bench-pressing. It didn't seem too major, so I took some time off of weightlifting to let it heal, which has worked for similar injuries in the past. After a month, I tried benching again, and it immediately started hurting again. So I went to see my doctor, who ordered an MRI so that...

Not quite as funny, but...

Posted by Dave Astle, 17 July 2005 - - - - - - · 189 views

I just got this from a Russian email address. The subject was just "Article correction":Quote:Can you correct article? ( I'm about English language )

Mobile games

Posted by Dave Astle, 14 July 2005 - - - - - - · 182 views

I was browsing our news the other day, and again encountered something I've seen fairly often. When we have news posts about mobile gaming, particularly ones mentioning speculation about the growth of mobile gaming, there's invariably a few people who come along, pooh-poohing this entire segment of the game industry. Mostly, their arguments against the...


Posted by Dave Astle, 13 July 2005 - - - - - - · 230 views

Someone just sent this to webmaster@gamedev.net, and I just had to share:Quote:Hi guys could you help me out. You know Im a fresh graduate of Computer Engineering course and not yet employed. Well the problem is this, I cant pass the IQ exam that the company always given to me. I hope you have a leakage there or an IQ test sheet with answer that I can...

Climbing the ladder

Posted by Dave Astle, 26 April 2005 - - - - - - · 191 views

Yesterday, I had a meeting with my manager to go over my review feedback for the past six month period. I'm happy to say that I was promoted from Senior to Staff Engineer, with a healthy raise and bonus to go along with it. Yay me.

Anyway, as a few of you might know, Saturday I got back from a week-long bike trip across California. I'll be posting a...

Review rant

Posted by Dave Astle, 30 March 2005 - - - - - - · 268 views

My books have received a number of reviews, mostly good, some bad. I don't really have a problem with most of the bad ones, as long as the person has actually read the book and has legitimate criticism. But occasionally people will write reviews that are basically just "this book sucks", which aren't really useful to anyone*. This happened with a...

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