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Another Goblinson Crusoe video

Posted by JTippetts, 31 March 2012 · 1,473 views

goblinson crusoe isometric rpg turn based hex
Yesterday, I implemented the fade transitions between combat mode and travel mode. The transitions are performed by way of a special state context. A state context represents a gameplay state, and implements the functions handleEvent, render, renderUI, updateLogic and addFrameTime. The two main state contexts are currently Travel Mode and Combat Mode, but I implemented the mode change as a special context that does not handle input or logic, only addFrameTime to fade out from one level and fade back in to another.

I was dinking around last night with Cam Studio and VirtualDub and I took this crude video of the new GC in action. It's choppy, so you can't really see the smooth camera switches, since I suck at making videos. The video is just a minute or two of current GC gameplay. It begins in Travel mode (at the moment only distinguishable as that mode with no UI or trees or anything but dirt and mountains) then a few seconds in I hit the magic key to generate a combat map and it fades to the combat map where there are 2 player controlled units and 4 really, really stupid AI units. A couple turns of combat are shown, after which I hit the magic button again (in the real version, escaping from combat won't be quite that easy) and return to Travel mode.

Fraps is the best video capture tool i've found. I then down-sample with VLC to get it to the size i need. I would recommend this setup :) Otherwise looking cool so far :D
Travel would be so much easier in games if the forests disappeared when not in combat. =)
When you are looking for a free alternative for fraps, take a look at taski, it is open source, really easy to use and really good. Best to use it in combination with 264 codec.
I'd recomend the MSI Afterburner beta for video recording. You can get it for free from here: http://event.msi.com/vga/afterburner/download.htm
Uses your graphics hardware to capture and encode the video directly.

Works fine with non MSI cards.
Probably the best free video capturing software I've found to date.