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Ashlands, Combat UI Tweaks

Posted by JTippetts, 08 May 2012 · 717 views

Goblinson Crusoe isometric rpg hex-based turn-based UI
Posted Image

Pictured above: Travel mode using the ashlands graphic set. I am not in love with the mountains; I think tonight or tomorrow I'll tweak the noise modules that generate them a bit to add more "life" and texture to them. The trees turned out pretty okay.

Posted Image

I experimented with a different UI scheme today. I kind of like it. Instead of a dashboard at the bottom of the screen, now a button bar pops up above the active player unit's head. It is a rough prototype right now, just a proof of concept and not fleshed out, but I like the way it feels. It's hard-wired with Move, Melee, TestFireball, TestAreaHeal, EndTurn, and the buttons grey-out as movement points are used up. I like that less of the screen is taken up by UI now, so I think I might stick with this scheme.

@Giallanon: I sold my soul to the devil and he gives me 3 or 4 extra hours a day.

Actually, I just have occasional slow times at work and the boss is okay with me spending them on the game. He wants to play it when it's done. I don't get much done when I get home.

Ahh that's the trick. Lucky man.
I work at home so I don't have slow times ahahahha
Your game is coming alone nicely!!! :)

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