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UI and Particle Effects

Posted by JTippetts, 16 October 2013 · 397 views

Goblinson Crusoe Urho3D turn-based rpg hex-based rpg
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Getting the particle effects stuff back in place, as well as all the various projectile and payload thingies. Still haven't reimplemented the combat system, so the glowy things don't really do anything.

Decided to scrap the 3D UI for now. As I mentioned before, with the official Lua bindings the built-in UI system is a lot easier for me to use, so it seems pointless to pour a bunch of time into circumventing it.

One thing I've never really done is sound effects. Urho3D provides sound components, so it shouldn't be too difficult from a technical standpoint. It's just that I've never really made sound effects before. I don't like using stuff off the internet, but I've also never really spent much time mucking around with foley. Don't know my way around any kind of audio software, either. Still, it's something I'm going to have to do. That, and more character modeling and animating. Plus some more environment assets, a few more particle effects, gotta get the combat system back in, need to work on win/loss conditions, gotta do the home-base/crafting/laboratory state gameplay.... The list goes on. Lots of stuff to do.

I have heard good things about FL "FruityLoops" Studio to make game music, but I don't know if it handles sound effects, though. And I haven't actually used it (though it is installed on my computer, I keep wanting to try it but get distracted :P)


Liking the particle effects, goblin flamethrower!

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