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Mmm, goodies.

Posted by ApochPiQ, 19 January 2010 · 162 views

Last week my nice happy 22" monitor on my main workstation decided to die. That's left me with just two 17" 1280x1024 displays to use, and that just doesn't cut it for serious development anymore. (Two or three instances of Visual Studio, a half dozen Notepad windows, a couple of Skype discussions, a few Explorer windows for rooting around in various code branches, a browser instance or two... you need your real estate these days.) So I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a couple of new widescreens to replace my old 22W/17 pairing. My two 17" displays will get shuffled over to my newly minted Linux development box, with one doing double duty as the display for my (usually headless) router and wireless access point machine.

I got a fairly good deal on a pair of these suckers today; assuming they ship in a sane manner I should be enjoying my new 44 inches of dual-screen awesomeness by Friday.

Since I was dropping a chunk of cash anyways, I decided to go ahead and pick up a copy of Bayonetta as well. I mean, I have to do something until Mass Effect 2 is released, right? [grin]

So I should have a very enjoyable weekend coming up.

I was watching a cutscene as my roommate played Bayonetta the other day- all I can say is, I'm not sure how it could be more Japanese...

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