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More Epoch!

Posted by ApochPiQ, 02 October 2010 · 117 views

Managed to dig up a few hours to play with Epoch this weekend; so far the results are promising. I've rewritten the function parameter validation routine so that parameters are validated after the closing parenthesis for the function call, rather than one at a time as they are parsed. This makes it far easier and cleaner to do overload resolution. It also makes infix operator precedence rules a lot nicer to implement. So the code is a bit cleaner and more robust now, and the road is paved for coming back and finishing up infix stuff in the near future.

There's still a nice handful of TODO comments in the code, and a decent number of issues open in the bug tracker, so Release 10 has a ways to go before it sees the light of day. Sadly, work has been frenetic to say the least lately, so I'm not sitting on as much Epoch-ready spare time as I would like. Bottom line is that R10 probably won't arrive for at least another month, if not longer.

But progress continues apace, and we'll get there... slowly but surely!