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{Re}birth of an IDE

Posted by ApochPiQ, 11 January 2014 · 726 views

Tonight witnessed the first fully operational build of the Era IDE compiled under the end-to-end Epoch toolchain.

This is cool for a number of reasons: it means that the Epoch compiler can build Windows .EXEs with embedded resources correctly; it means that the entire language toolset is now self-sustaining; and it means that I can finally get back to working on making the IDE better.

First goal is to take advantage of the new compiler's ability to do separate compilation, and clean up the existing Era implementation so it no longer lives in a single monolithic file. Second goal is to get project support roughed in so I can start editing multi-source-file projects from within Era itself.

Once that's all in place, it'll be time to remove the old C++ parser that does syntax highlighting in Era now, and replace it with one that's written in Epoch - ideally lifted directly from the actual compiler's parser so I don't have a ton of stuff to update every time I tweak the language specification a bit.

After that... I'm not sure. I might package a release, I don't know yet. There's a lot of cleanup work to be done on things so I'm not terribly excited about publishing a release with code in its current state. On the other hand, I've landed several major milestones here and it'd be a shame not to commemorate that in some fashion.

Eh. I'll figure that out later.

For now, back to hacking on the IDE!

Pics or it didn't happen :)


IDEs are a vastly underestimated piece of coding.

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