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Posted by ApochPiQ, 10 December 2005 · 96 views

Well, the submissions are pouring in... here's a quick look at my submission, CartRunner, and what went into making it. Source is included, but be warned, it isn't pretty!


That was bloody brilliant. Absolutely wonderful, everyone should read this. Seriously, it would be worse than cancer if they didn't, and that wouldn't be good, you don't want cancer, that's why you don't play with chemical weapons.
Yep, an excellent read. I used yours and visage's as a guide to write my own postmortem (I'd completely forgotten there was such a thing & what to write in one). The ASCII idea is retro and hence very cool & the level timing is perfect to make it very challenging, I'd liken it to DOOM 3, as in only giving your player enough ammo to allow them to survive on a knife-edge. definitely a well earned 1st place! :P
Cool little game!...and I particulary liked the "gruelling preperation" you endured the night before its conception. [wink]
Congrats on the win! I hope the cookies are damn good.