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Hapi Djus

Posted by , 28 December 2005 · 372 views

I think I might keep my flatmate. Lately he seems to be starting this trend of actually having some significant value, aside from being an efficient resource sink for my Moon Pies and other valuable edible commodities.

You see, he has concocted a drink. Anyone can invent a drink, but this one is really something. The inspiration came as we drained our reserves of beverages to make way for our upcoming New Years fare; this involved disposing of a decent amount of gin. Somehow, a couple of bottles of Bawls got mixed up in this ruckus as well, and being generally bored and lacking sleep, we decided to try mixing them.

After some testing, we have arrived at my proposed final mixture, which I present to you now:

Bawls on Gin
- 1 bottle Bawls
- 1 shot gin

Open the Bawls and drink off the first couple of swallows; this should leave the level of the Bawls just at the bottom of the neck where the bottle begins to flare out. Pour in the gin and mix gently with a circular motion. Consume and enjoy.

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