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Day... something, plus... something else

Posted by ApochPiQ, 08 February 2006 · 205 views

I've been up since 4PM yesterday, and it's great. It feels kind of weird to be winding down at 6:40 AM, but at least I'm no stranger to bizarre schedules.

I finally figured out how to start a GDNet Gathering group, so now all us other Atlanta area people have a group. Hurray. I really don't expect much of anything to come from this, especially since nobody else has set up a group yet. I mostly did it so I can stop worrying about the GDNet Gathering interface being smarter than me (that Create Group icon is really buried).

Nothing much interesting on the work front; doing some refactoring and code cleanup stuff, and a little bit of research on project coordination systems. Huzzah.

I'm starting to feel a little fuzzy in the brain, so as soon as my Mountain Dew wears off, I'm going to go curl up with my shiny new copy of The Mythical Man Month and absorb some good ol' wisdom.

If it's buried, where would it be best placed? I can fix it perhaps?
Either I'm blind, or this just recently got changed; there now seems to be a "start a group in Foo City" link on the search results page where it tells you that nobody has a group in your specified city. I don't recall that being there before, but that may just be because I don't know how to read [grin]
Recent studies have proven that Mountain Dew is detrimental to one's wisdom. Especially when you drink it.

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