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Where can you see lions...?

Posted by Oluseyi, 13 January 2009 · 267 views

Unrelated to either of my projects. I was doodling in the office (yes, on an IBM notepad - I got it at GDC last year, I think) and trying to come up with some ideas for a personal logo. I like lions. And Google Image Search is still awesome. [smile]

I like the roaring one on the top page. It's just more interesting than a static lion, and the one thing I like about lions is how friggin loud they can be when they wanna be. That seems to make that point.

But, having spent a week at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, home of their stylized lion logo on every flat surface (http://www.dieiscast.com/carpet/mgm.jpg) for several square miles in all directions, I'm all lioned out.
Oh, dear. Yeah, MGM will do that to you.

I'm going to sleep on it some. I have time.

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