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Horror Stories of RanBlade

Java is not my friend.

  Posted by RanBlade, 30 September 2011 · 128 views

While working on this hearts game I have been using Java. I’m not a fan. I like my ability for scope in C/C++. It may be the IDE it may just be the language, but I feel like I have no control over my variables and I’m forced to do it in a manner that [...]


Site redesign and update.

  Posted by RanBlade, 25 September 2011 · 124 views

Spent a lot of time today updating the site with a new theme and adding more content to it that I had not added before. Work with hearts has been coming along necely. I am at a stage now where it starts to get fun, a lot less of the boring part of the development [...]


Happy Easter Sunday (whatever it means to you)

  Posted by RanBlade, 24 April 2011 · 117 views

Well it is Easter today and that means very little time at the computer today. It means something different to everyone and I try to keep it in perspective when I wish all of you a Happy Easter! If your Easter is spent celebrating for religous reasons , or for the candy and the fun of Easter [...]


No code but cool discovery.

  Posted by RanBlade, 23 April 2011 · 159 views

So I didn’t really get any code done last night. Which leads me into my cool discovery last night. I was browsing the forums on gamedev.net lat night and read a post where someone linked Stanford Engineering Everywhere. So I talked to my cousin about it and he told me that...

Got some code done and some ideas on blogging for inspiration…

  Posted by RanBlade, 22 April 2011 · 108 views

Time: 1am

Music on Pandora: Oceanic by Tranquility Base.

Well I did some work on my game tonight. I feel I took my time and thought it through and did it a lot cleaner and smarter tonight. Trying to think more on readiablity and program flow rather then just banging it out until it works …

Tonight I worked on some of the stuff my team and I talked...

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