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Horror Stories of RanBlade

I love finding something new

Posted by RanBlade, 07 October 2005 · 105 views

Was reading one of my C++ books at work today and found something that would help me a lot.. handt noticed it before but now that i have a firmer grasp on things it helps a lot to see stuff i didnt see when i knew nothing.. Its funny I was trying to think of a way to do this and it was a simple keyword lol. this is why programming is so great.....

Long day.

Posted by RanBlade, 06 October 2005 · 46 views

Well work is tiring but I have started taking my C++ books to work and reading them on breaks. I have gotten to understand pointers a lot better which Iam glad for because i remember reading somewhere that passing pointers to functions instead of the actual type is faster cus it transfers 1byte instead of 4(for a int). Iam going to try and find that...


Posted by RanBlade, 05 October 2005 · 49 views

Man these first few days of long hours are rough.. I hate the feeling like I didnt sleep after 7 hours of sleep. Oh well work goes on as normal hopefully this sunday I will be able to have a good enough version of my engine for a simple test game.. who knows well goodnight/goodday whichever you call it. take it easy.

Ups and Downs...

Posted by RanBlade, 04 October 2005 · 49 views

Well Iam working on my event system today again. Its the last thing Iam having a problem with at the current time and it just dosent seem feasible to do the things I want to do.
Who would have thought hiding the SDL API complety from game code would be this much of a pain.

I have the system right now.. my engine has a video/drawing class, it has a...

Start work today

Posted by RanBlade, 03 October 2005 · 61 views

Well as is my current career a seasonal job I start today again. this job is 6-10s with sundays off(atleast its not 7-12s) so my programming is cut down majorly.. I was thinking about taking some paper and pencil to work and on break writing code and such but I dont know. We shall see how it goes hopefully my engine development still goes smoothly as...

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