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Kazade's GDNet Life

My current project - KGL

Posted by Kazade, 28 December 2007 · 136 views


Some nice C++ string functions

Posted by Kazade, 26 December 2007 · 190 views


Cross-platform HiResTimer

Posted by Kazade, 09 November 2007 · 425 views


Just a quick entry

Posted by Kazade, 04 September 2006 · 146 views


Random post

Posted by Kazade, 26 June 2006 · 125 views


Life is always in the way of coding!

Posted by Kazade, 14 January 2006 · 151 views

Hi everyone,

I thought it might be an idea to add another post to my journal. Since last time i've moved to Pinner in North-west London, and continued work on my game engine without internet access. (grr)

I have written a very pretty and useful quake style console for the KEngine, I can link pretty much any function to a console command with in...

You wanted a pictar! :p

Posted by Kazade, 19 October 2005 · 186 views


Here is a screenshot of my new engine...

Impressive huh? :)

There is actually more there than meets the eye. Features so far...

Task based kernel system (similar to Enginuity series)
Simple physics system (that square actually falls with realistic gravity)
Targa Image loading
Log System
Game Timer
Texture Management
Incomplete Collision Detection...

I'm a GDNet+ member!

Posted by Kazade, 13 October 2005 · 182 views

Hi all,

I've finally become a paid up member of GDNet. Stupid posts are sure to follow :)


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