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Journal of _winterdyne_

On the up...

Posted by _winterdyne_, 13 April 2006 · 120 views

Well, another entry. Good things are happening development wise. The network library's approaching what I want it to be (meaning I can start implementing other stuff on top of it without fear it's going to need a major overhaul) and bugs in it are now taking a couple of minutes to fix based on logfiles etc, Erica's really getting the Art team...

Company up!

Posted by _winterdyne_, 05 April 2006 · 138 views

Yay! Finally got hold of the accountant, and the company's up and running (and under a certificate of non-trading at present), meaning we're now free to start looking for funding and getting the required bank accounts set up.

Winterdyne Solutions Ltd, Registered Company #5770862 - that's us!

I can probably expect to receive calls from people wanting to...

I knew it'd be expensive when I saw the Ferrari...

Posted by _winterdyne_, 04 April 2006 · 102 views

So, the quote's come in from the lawyers.

The best part of £3500. Including VAT, not that it takes the sting off any.

For this I get:

Consultancy agreements (not employment contracts) for my core team, specifying the profit share / salary scheme and granting rights to view company accounts.

An agreement covering the licensing of closed source...

Lawyers are fun

Posted by _winterdyne_, 31 March 2006 · 119 views

Just back from a meeting with the lawyers.

Actually it went very well, but I've done a lot of preparation in terms of the contracts for dealing with my team, how the business will operate (especially with regards to the profit share scheme which complicates book-keeping) and how we intend to leverage what we produce in order to make money.

The lawyers...

damn that was expensive...

Posted by _winterdyne_, 27 March 2006 · 127 views

Well, that's it - I'm going Ltd.

It's cost over 300 quid for the full company pack (paperwork for everything) but it's all go - now I get to blow a few grand on getting contracts and NDAs drawn up. Funny that lawyers are even more expensive than accountants. Sigh. At least the bank likes me, and I've got leads on some potential investment capital...

Meh. Stuff done.

Posted by _winterdyne_, 17 January 2006 · 176 views

Been a while since I've posted.

Primogen now has functioning 1024bit Diffie-Hellman key exchange, MD5 hashing (yes, I know about the collisions), TEA encryption (only 128bit) all embedded behind some nice flexible interface classes, and powered by it's own large integer class.

Everything self-contained, everything flexible, no dependencies. Sweet. Oh, and...

Yay! Christmas!

Posted by _winterdyne_, 21 December 2005 · 150 views

It's christmas time! And typically, I've been on call like a maniac with my self-employed business so I've not been looking on here as often as perhaps I should. Ho hum. Still, I seem to
be on top of it now.

Project news:
Joel's confirmed he's happy to take on a lead art / art director position, which will be good for the standard of...

Another day...

Posted by _winterdyne_, 14 December 2005 · 148 views

It's been a while since I updated this journal.
Yesterday I had a lunch meeting with Dan and Joel regarding the project. I think it's fair to say it was very productive - some good ideas regarding the specialised character design principles for the library came out, as well as some good discussion about Bloodspear and the current stagnation in the MMO...

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