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Sheridan's adventures in random nonsense.

Too Many Games

Posted by Deranged, 20 February 2012 · 455 views

Copied from http://www.nonpareilstudios.com/


Shh. Top secret. Our development team is meeting many milestones lately. Honestly, it’s a lot of fun. Our current project has had so many amazing twists and turns, but it’s really starting to feel less like software and more like a child.. Is that...

Hey hey

Posted by Deranged, 20 December 2011 · 378 views

Check out my few minutes of handiwork on nonpareilstudios.com. More to come!

Also, I like Unity a lot lately. If you haven't checked it out yet, do yourself a favor and give it a serious run through.

Everyone loves a code counter

Posted by Deranged, 11 June 2011 · 293 views

Number of lines = 15,380, number of code files = 104, number of code-generated lines = 648, number of user-entered blank lines = 2,015, number of user-entered comments = 812

Everything is coming along nicely here!

Between my day job and side projects? Probably 70-80 hours of programming...

Loading screen and particle systems.

Posted by Deranged, 08 April 2011 · 290 views

Implemented background loading and two kinds of particle systems (ribbons and static). The color spectrum on the particle systems can contain any number of colors, have a general velocity to them, have randomizing rotations, and various other simple effects. The ribbons are nifty as well...

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