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Chronicles of the Hieroglyph

Shader X4 and PhysX

Posted by Jason Z, 10 August 2006 · 86 views

I finally received my copy of Shader X4 yesterday. It's always good to read about some of the latest advances and techniques to help you come up with more ideas. My productivity is probably going to be pretty low for the next week or so...

While trying to update my Lunar Rift code, I basically decided to leave it as it is for now. I actually made a few...

XNA Build

Posted by Jason Z, 06 August 2006 · 106 views

After reading superpig's post about XNA Build and that it included a commercial code base, I decided to download it and check it out. It is always interesting to me to look at a completed game and see how they do things differently than I do. It should be fun...

Silhouette rendering article

Posted by Jason Z, 04 August 2006 · 119 views

I am just putting the finishing touches on another article. It details a method that I am using for fast, older hardware capable silhouettes, ridges, and valleys. Hopefully someone out there will find some use for it. I should be able to submit it relatively soon...

Not a whole lot going on other than that. I have lunar rift updated, but I...

Revisiting my old friend

Posted by Jason Z, 01 August 2006 · 81 views

While trying to figure out what my next rendering project would be, I decided to revisit my first game, Lunar Rift, and see how it was doing. I spent almost two years developing Heiroglyph (the engine) alongside Lunar Rift (pilot application), and am actually quite proud of how the game ended up.

I have made significant changes to the engine since I last...

GUI in the scene graph??!!??!!

Posted by Jason Z, 25 July 2006 · 124 views

It sounds pretty crazy, but putting the GUI into the scene graph was actually one of the best changes I have ever made to the display system. All of the work and testing that I have done on my scenegraph object rendering code is now brought to bear on the GUI, which had previously been used as a single object with non-scene graph sub-objects...

More GUI fun

Posted by Jason Z, 24 July 2006 · 106 views

Well, I recently posted about how best to use the directx effect file system to control state changes, in particular how to minimize texture changes. The best suggestion that I got was to use the ID3DXEffectStateManager and take control of how the states are being set.

This was actually much easier than I thought it would be. There is a sample...

The beginnings of ray tracing...

Posted by Jason Z, 18 July 2006 · 114 views

I am heading off to go camping until the end of the week - and won't have any access to a computer until I get back. However, my recent studying of parallax occlusion mapping has sparked an interest in raytracing, so I printed out a few papers that I will be reviewing while I'm gone.

I have been having some interesting thoughts on how to do some...

Refactoring the GUI

Posted by Jason Z, 17 July 2006 · 102 views

I have been noticing that rendering my GUI elements is really a performance hog. After running some tests with PIX, I was able to figure out that each of my textured buttons was setting the same texture right before it was rendered. This amounted to about 45 set texture calls on a scene that only had non-textured geometry and a GUI in...

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