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Chronicles of the Hieroglyph

Refactoring the GUI

Posted by Jason Z, 17 July 2006 · 87 views

I have been noticing that rendering my GUI elements is really a performance hog. After running some tests with PIX, I was able to figure out that each of my textured buttons was setting the same texture right before it was rendered. This amounted to about 45 set texture calls on a scene that only had non-textured geometry and a GUI in...

Continuing the struggle

Posted by Jason Z, 11 July 2006 · 86 views

I haven't taken the time to get the silhouette comparison images together that I mentioned in my last post. Things have been really busy, and I haven't had much time for graphics programming :(

However, I may have a little more time to look into things for the next couple of days. I recently wrapped up a demo of an industrial visualization / control...

Quick Update

Posted by Jason Z, 27 June 2006 · 97 views

I have been working on several new rendering effects (or render views as I call them in my engine) for rendering nice silhouettes, ridges, and creases. The actual geometry that I am rendering is relatively low-poly, so just about any algorithm was open for trial and error.

The first method I tried out was an image space discontinuity edge detection...

Parallax Occlusion Again

Posted by Jason Z, 25 May 2006 · 88 views

After finding several bugs in my Parallax Occlusion Mapping effect file, I think I finally have it working properly now. It actually took much longer than I thought it would to get all of the theory figured out for exactly how it works and all, but I have a good handle on it now.

It doesn't look very realistic, but I made another demo video with the...

Shader Model 3 Dynamic Branching...

Posted by Jason Z, 20 May 2006 · 287 views

Holy smokes, did I find a crazy error a couple of days ago.

I was trying to get my parallax occlusion mapping shader to run a dynamically determined number of height-map samples to speed up the overall effect. Basically I based the number of samples on dot(N,V), so that the more straight on the view is to the normal the fewer samples that are...

Parallax Occlusion Mapping

Posted by Jason Z, 16 May 2006 · 117 views

I have been experimenting with Parallax Occlusion Mapping over the last couple of days. It is a very interesting algorithm for reducing geometry processing by encoding the surface information into a texture and the details are figured out in the pixel shader.

This of course reduces vertex cost and increases pixel cost, which most of the time is the...

The heiroglyph progesses...

Posted by Jason Z, 10 May 2006 · 98 views

I have been really (too!) busy lately, but have found some time recently to work on Heiroglyph. It never ceases to amaze me how good it can feel to make progress on your pet projects...

In a general sense, Heiroglyph was originally developed as a 'graphics first' and 'everything else second' kind of engine. The primary motivation for working...

Published for the first time!

Posted by Jason Z, 17 April 2006 · 68 views

My article has finally been uploaded to gamedev.net! It has been a long time coming, but it feels really good to see my name on the home page. Hopefully people will get some good use out of the article.

If you have any comments on the article I'd be very interested in hearing them!

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