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Chronicles of the Hieroglyph

GUI in the scene graph??!!??!!

Posted by Jason Z, 25 July 2006 · 121 views

It sounds pretty crazy, but putting the GUI into the scene graph was actually one of the best changes I have ever made to the display system. All of the work and testing that I have done on my scenegraph object rendering code is now brought to bear on the GUI, which had previously been used as a single object with non-scene graph sub-objects...

More GUI fun

Posted by Jason Z, 24 July 2006 · 104 views

Well, I recently posted about how best to use the directx effect file system to control state changes, in particular how to minimize texture changes. The best suggestion that I got was to use the ID3DXEffectStateManager and take control of how the states are being set.

This was actually much easier than I thought it would be. There is a sample...

The beginnings of ray tracing...

Posted by Jason Z, 18 July 2006 · 112 views

I am heading off to go camping until the end of the week - and won't have any access to a computer until I get back. However, my recent studying of parallax occlusion mapping has sparked an interest in raytracing, so I printed out a few papers that I will be reviewing while I'm gone.

I have been having some interesting thoughts on how to do some...

Refactoring the GUI

Posted by Jason Z, 17 July 2006 · 101 views

I have been noticing that rendering my GUI elements is really a performance hog. After running some tests with PIX, I was able to figure out that each of my textured buttons was setting the same texture right before it was rendered. This amounted to about 45 set texture calls on a scene that only had non-textured geometry and a GUI in...

Continuing the struggle

Posted by Jason Z, 11 July 2006 · 96 views

I haven't taken the time to get the silhouette comparison images together that I mentioned in my last post. Things have been really busy, and I haven't had much time for graphics programming :(

However, I may have a little more time to look into things for the next couple of days. I recently wrapped up a demo of an industrial visualization / control...

Quick Update

Posted by Jason Z, 27 June 2006 · 116 views

I have been working on several new rendering effects (or render views as I call them in my engine) for rendering nice silhouettes, ridges, and creases. The actual geometry that I am rendering is relatively low-poly, so just about any algorithm was open for trial and error.

The first method I tried out was an image space discontinuity edge detection...

Parallax Occlusion Again

Posted by Jason Z, 25 May 2006 · 106 views

After finding several bugs in my Parallax Occlusion Mapping effect file, I think I finally have it working properly now. It actually took much longer than I thought it would to get all of the theory figured out for exactly how it works and all, but I have a good handle on it now.

It doesn't look very realistic, but I made another demo video with the...

Shader Model 3 Dynamic Branching...

Posted by Jason Z, 20 May 2006 · 343 views

Holy smokes, did I find a crazy error a couple of days ago.

I was trying to get my parallax occlusion mapping shader to run a dynamically determined number of height-map samples to speed up the overall effect. Basically I based the number of samples on dot(N,V), so that the more straight on the view is to the normal the fewer samples that are...

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