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Not dead...


Posted by phantom, 05 March 2013 · 786 views

With the launch of SimCity I have noticed an interesting trend developing; the acceptance that the launch of any game will be a week of frustration and disconnections while the publisher sorts out the servers.Note I said 'any game'.Not a multi-player game.Not an MMO.Any game.One fan of SimCity, when faced with the question of 'why cant I play what is larg...

"Valve Box"

Posted by phantom, 10 December 2012 · 1,054 views

Valve: "Windows 8 App store is bad!... btw you can now buy apps from our store!"

Valve: "Closed systems are bad! btw, here is our new closed system"



Conclusion 2.

Posted by phantom, 10 November 2012 · 978 views

The person who posted the first of the 'tutorials' we see on line these days has a lot to answer for.

While it is creating more "programmers" (and I use the phrase loosely) this reliance on tutorials with snippets of code and even video tutorials showing you everything is, imo, having a bad effect on the ability of those who follow them...


Posted by phantom, 09 November 2012 · 768 views

In all my years of programming, both professionally and as a hobby, there is one truth I've learnt over the years which stands above all overs.

Most people can't design software for shit.

This thought depresses me.

Slowly becoming more and more disappointed...

Posted by phantom, 29 September 2012 · 3,178 views
windows 8, xna, metro, stupidness
I'm slowly... oh so slowly... starting to crack.

MS have some blame to take here because they are apprently not communicating well enough but at the same time the latest Windows release is starting to bring out the Silly Season in a manner not seen since Windows Vista... in fact it's worse because it would seem people are not using their brains and...

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