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Not dead...

More Threads.

Posted by phantom, 14 February 2010 · 174 views

While I do have a plan to follow up on my last entry with some replies and corrections (I suggest reading the comments if you haven't already) my last attempt to do so made it to 6 pages and 2500+ words so I need to rethink it a bit I think [grin]

However, this week I have some very much 'work in progress' code which is related to my last entry...

Direct X vs OpenGL revisited... revisited.

Posted by phantom, 04 February 2010 · 844 views

A short time ago David over at Wolfire posted a blog entry detailing why we should use OpenGL and not DirectX.

The internet, and indeed, his comments asploded a bit under that. I posted a few comments at the time but didn't revisit the site afterwards, mostly because it wouldn't keep me logged in and the comment system was god horrible.

The comments could...

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