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Not dead...

Moving, keep on moving...

Posted by phantom, 29 July 2010 · 139 views

So, about 4 weeks ago it was about 4 weeks until I move... now in less around 48h I should be moved.

So, the catch up;

On monday I start work at Codemasters just outside Southam/Leamington Spa for their action studio. While its a shame to be leaving Brighton I'm looking forward to the change and working at a different studio.

The biggest hastle has been...


Posted by phantom, 04 July 2010 · 123 views

So, despite being on garden leave I've not really had much traction on my projects.

I blame IRC.
And Company of Heroes.
And the World Cup.

So, what have I done?
Well, to start with I've broken a few things in the particle system. After I got the fading working I decided that I was processing too much data; after all each block of 4...

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