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OpenGL 3.0

Posted by MARS_999, 16 June 2008 · 313 views

Well Rob Barris, has hinted that Khronos is still working on OpenGL 3.0 and this is good news. I am just worried at Siggraph they are going to say "We are still working but its going to be a long time still." I hope not. I would be happy with GL2.1+ as long as they rolled Nvidias extensions into 2.2 or whatever they would call it for now.

I am trying to narrow down a .3ds loader issue I been putting off for a LONG time. I am not sure what I am missing but sometimes, some polygons show up darker than they are supposed to be.

Once this bug is squashed, I can starting think about game play and what the goal of the game should be... I think I will go and do that now.