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Journal of Aardvajk

Staying Grounded

Posted by Aardvajk, 28 January 2015 · 0 views

We all know how important staying grounded is in life, and it is as important for a character controller, especially in an environment with sloping floors.

The problem with constantly applying gravity to a character when using an algorithm like GJK is that when you get back a separation vector from a sloped face, the vector will push you out in the di...

GJK musings

Posted by Aardvajk, 27 January 2015 · 0 views

Thought I'd write a post about the GJK implementation that I'm using in my game to deal with collision detection between implict shapes today.

Above is a screenshot from a 2D test bed I wrote when I was originally working out the algorithm in 2D. Its easier to visualise in 2D and you can explicitly sample the Minkowski difference in order to create a...

An update a day...

Posted by Aardvajk, 24 January 2015 · 0 views

Might as well keep doing these little journal updates, keeps me off the streets.

I've added in support for a Capsule shape to the physics system now and got the character controller just doing simple collide and separate with the level geometry. I've also set up ray casting support in the physics object and am currently using this to draw a line bet...

Early days (again)

Posted by Aardvajk, 23 January 2015 · 0 views

Back to basics again and have:
modded the level editor to work with 3D levels again
got the editor exporting the physics shapes and a single mesh for the level
got the game loading the physics shapes into a physics system
got the game loading and displaying arbirtray static meshs
got the beginnings of an entity system in place so can move the capsule a...

Statement of Intent

Posted by Aardvajk, 21 January 2015 · 0 views

Quick entry, no images, nothing much to show except that I wanted to formalize my current plan.

I'm fed up with battling against everything else in a game to get the idea of a grappling hook working. Its ridiculous. I went from having a cool 3D platformer to a 2D physics based game to support it, and I'm now finding I'm imposing even more restrictions to...

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