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Journal of Aardvajk

Grappling away...

Posted by Aardvajk, 21 September 2014 · 224 views

Still grappling away in my spare time. Been focusing on making the rope behave correctly with moving objects, which has proven to be a bit more complicated than I expected, but seems to be working now.

The grapple bends correctly around objects during any of its states now - extending, locked and retracting - and when it retracts it correctly back-tra...

Grappling Hook game, now without blobs

Posted by Aardvajk, 07 September 2014 · 349 views

Decided on a bit of a change for the grappling hook game. I ditched the blob, as it was more trouble than it was worth, didn't work properly and was detracting from the main point of the game, which is classy grappling hook action.

I also decided to stop modelling the rope as a list of small bodies and go with the far more complex route of using a sin...

Blob Grappling Hooks

Posted by Aardvajk, 04 September 2014 · 329 views

Just a quick update on the soft body game. Now have the basic prototypes for the left and right mouse button grappling hooks working in terms of the physics. No idea yet how I'm going to render these arms in a decent way but it is showing some promise.

Thanks for all the positive feedba...

I, Blob

Posted by Aardvajk, 20 August 2014 · 420 views

Just a quick post. Have been fiddling with the graphics in my soft body game, and have implemented some basic shadow mapping and some specular highlights on the blob.

Seems to add a pretty nice sense of the 3D-ness of the blob, which was a bit lost when I made the colour darker.

I'm doing a far more straightforward extrude of the blob than the insane...

New Game Prototype - Soft Body Physics

Posted by Aardvajk, 13 August 2014 · 500 views

My article on varadic template implementation of signals and slots is now up waiting approval, for those who asked last time so nicely.

Started working in a new game project now. I decided what the world needs is a soft-body swinging physics game, much like my old Squishy project, but rendered in 3D.

I ported ewjordan's excellent Box2D constant area...

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