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Still Alive

Posted by Aardvajk, 03 July 2012 · 856 views

Still Alive Long time no post, but been busy. Mainly work but finding the odd bit of time now and again to work on the 3D modelling package. It's being rewritten from scratch in Qt which is making it easier to create a nice, sleek user interface.

The bones of the rendering is done. I'm developing the user interface using a mixture of scripting and native code that I'll describe in more detail when I have the energy but suffice to say it is going to be extremely customizable.

Hope you agree it looks pretty. Will post a more detailed entry soon.

I'm thinking about rewriting my stuff in Qt, your stuff always inspires me to continue, but tiredness wins.
Fortunately I'm employed again, but unfortunately that means I won't code for some time...

Keep the entries coming!
Thank you :)