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Phyletic gradualism

New Project - Star Blaster (working title)

Posted by __sprite, 20 August 2011 · 415 views

Yet Another New Project

Time for yet another new project: a 3D space shooter using the Unity engine, tentatively titled Star Blaster. (A quick google indicates at least 2 other games with the same title exist, so I'll probably change the name when I've thought of a different one).

Since Gamedev are awesome enough to allow...

Tri-planar textures and bump mapping

Posted by __sprite, 10 April 2011 · 2,560 views
bump mapping, tri-planar, opengl
Last summer I started on a project that stalled largely due to my apparent compulsion to write engines, not games, excessively ambitious scope, lack of a realistic project plan and a masochistic hardware target (OpenGL 4.x). However, since ATI seem to have fixed a couple of driver bugs that were plaguing development (for loops with uniform conditionals, and...

A Picture

Posted by __sprite, 08 April 2011 · 245 views
deferred lighting, pic-spam
Deferred lighting:

Because it's pretty.