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The Byproduct of Facts and Fiction

Graphics Renderer woes

Posted by ashstampede, 19 August 2007 - - - - - - · 143 views

Currently I am toes deep into my 3rd year project/game/game engine. This is my attempt to mull together what i know and learn what i dont. But the first and formost I am hit with the dreaded graphics engine.

The dilemma is that for my finale year project at uni the stipulation is you have to build your own renderer. I dont like graphics, i've never played...

The after tastes of kiwis

Posted by ashstampede, 02 May 2007 - - - - - - · 151 views

Life Update: Currently I am heading into this semester end of term exams and revision as well as a evaluation write up for HCI (human computing Interaction).
But not without completing a game in between breaks. Castlevania portrait of ruins was GREAT and difficult even on normal. I've never played a Castlevania game so this game has now ensure i test...

Intro April 2007

Posted by ashstampede, 15 April 2007 - - - - - - · 1,398 views

Currently I am sitting at my pc stomps as to what to code next or should i go to bed? Its currently 2 in the morning.
The command prompt pops up, thus informing me mechcommander 2 source code just finished installing.

It was free from microsoft.

Current project:
I am working on a second year collaborative project where the two game course at UCLAN...

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