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Once a Bird

Hey kids...

Posted by Demosthenes, 08 June 2008 · 60 views

...I guess I can say "kids" now, since I'm almost 30. >< Life sure gets depressing sometimes.

I've finished most of the artwork for the third "world", the egyptian Underworld, and I've also been working on new levels. Click here for a vid of a new level in the Underworld.

Right now I have 13 levels, I want at least 30. Making a level is fast...

Stuff from beyond...

Posted by Demosthenes, 12 May 2008 · 48 views

Here's stuff I'm been doing for the Underworld, the next Bennu zone:

The Papyrus Swamps

Posted by Demosthenes, 06 May 2008 · 127 views

Click here for a video of a level on Bennu's second area, "The Papyrus Swamps".

To create the trees in the background (and the papyrus) I used the classes that were created for the game intro. Each tree is composed of a trunk, lianas and branches.

When a tree is generated, I randomly pick 3 to 6 of the 6 maximum branches and rotate them
around the...


Posted by Demosthenes, 29 April 2008 · 57 views

Hello there. Since my last entry I finished these items:

- Points system
- Options screen
- Pause menu
- 360 Gamepad support

Click here for a video. It's longer than usual but shows pretty much everything that's finished (except for the intro sequence).

- Tutorial
- Levels, lots more
- End sequence
- between-world sequences
- Credits

Options screen

Posted by Demosthenes, 02 April 2008 · 42 views

Hello there! Since the last time I scratched the walls of this journal with my fingernails I've added sound effects to the game (though not complete yet) and finished the points system, which adds points when the player performs a special move, such as hitting two blocks without breaking the chain. Click here for a video, though since this I've moved the...

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