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Every Semicolon

The To Do List

Posted by Matt Carr, 29 September 2007 · 107 views

As well a new season of TV shows starting up, a wealth of new games coming out and limited "free time" because I'm interning in a programming position as part of my course 2 days a week, a big problem with working on the game at this point is the deceptively short to-do list. It makes me feel like I don't need to work too much to get the game done...

Journal Justification

Posted by Matt Carr, 29 September 2007 · 253 views

If this journal is about my game, then it's not really procrastination, right?

I've been reading GameDev journals for years now and I've been waiting until I had something to write about before I ever made one of my own. I don't know if that time was really now, but I should be working on my game at the moment and this felt like a way to get my...

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