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Rock-paper-scissors but with a Blender instead of a rock

Posted by alfith, 04 December 2012 · 1,185 views

(warning: images, images everywhere)
How to make my son happy in one hundred thousand steps...

Step 1. Take Blender and do this:
Attached Image

Step 2. Take Gimp and get this:
Attached Image

Steps 3 to 99 999. Print, cut, fold, glue:
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image
Attached Image

Step 100 000. Voilà:
Attached Image

That was easy isn't it ?

Alfith -

That's awesome, good job!
Haha!!!!!! Awesome!
This is awesome. I did something like this for my cousin's kid once, and built him a back-hoe. This post has got me thinking I need to do something for my kid, now.

Edit: And now that I'm thinking about it, I think I fought for awhile with the UV unwrapping, keeping everything even and proportional. Feel like posting a quick workflow for the edification of all of us?
I'll do a post with a few things I learnt.

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