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OddGames development journal

Forest graphics

Posted by O-san, in Graphics, Medieval Story 31 May 2012 · 1,204 views

Been drawing a lot lately. Especially forest graphics, there needs to be a good amount of variation in order for it to look natural. A bit tedious doing roughly the same things over and over. Here's what I have come up with so...


Posted by O-san, in Medieval Story, Programming 11 May 2012 · 667 views

Posted Image

The whole idea of scripting is a bit fuzzy to me, I been working a lot with lua the past few days. I think I've got most of it on the left side of the brain now, how long it stays that way is another matter...

In any case I've started to script some of the NPC dialogue and done...

Interface presentation

Posted by O-san, in Graphics, Medieval Story 02 May 2012 · 694 views

Been thinking about how to present new things to the player and I've come to the conclusion that I need yet again redesign my "HUD" interface.

I don't want to frontload the player with a bunch of information at the very beginning of the game. I think it would be desirable to have most of the buttons hidden at game start. They only become...

Fixes and features

Posted by O-san, in Graphics, Medieval Story, Nimrord Editor 29 March 2012 · 969 views

The last few days I have been working on updating the navigation mesh tool in the editor. This will then be a matter of copy and paste to get into the game.

The reason for this is that I found some strange bugs in certain areas when doing path-finding. The found path would sometimes lead to x0, y0, z0 which isn’t something I would ever want. I checked if...

Work work

Posted by O-san, in Graphics, Medieval Story 15 August 2011 · 239 views

An update to say that the main character will have interchangeable parts. What this means is it will be possible to drag different equipment in the inventory window to the character's inventory representation.

This is somewhat cumbersome to do in a 2D game (in a 3D game it's pretty trivial). I have decided to bake the different equipment that the...

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