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OddGames development journal

New stuff

Posted by O-san, 10 April 2008 · 130 views

Sorry that I haven't been updating my journal lately. I've just been to busy on other things. Anyway, I've started fleshing out the actor/NPC design a little bit more. I have been tossing and turning whether to make a separate character editor or to incorporate a simple editor into the existing map editor. I came to the conclusion that it...


Posted by O-san, 23 February 2008 · 116 views


I’ve begun working on a human male model that is to be used in the game. The model is not complete yet and it is intended to be used a generic model from witch I can derive other male models from by some customization. It was quite some time since I last modeled something in 3D but I think I still got the hang of it.

I have also drawn a...

Shadow mapping!!

Posted by O-san, 06 February 2008 · 97 views

Hello again!

I've just completed my shadow mapping algorithm. I ripped it out from one of my previous abandoned projects and incorporated it into the editor; and to my surprise it works without any hitch :-) I posted a fancy screenshot to show you some shadows in action. The shadows aren’t super accurate because the underlying geometry isn’t super...

New bush!

Posted by O-san, 25 January 2008 · 127 views

I took a break from scripting (it makes my head hurt) and drew some new graphics instead. It’s a bush of some sort, looks to belong in a jungle. I have decided to have the game setting in a future/science fiction environment. This does not prohibit jungle areas though.

Hope you like it!

Quest system and scripting thoughts...

Posted by O-san, 20 January 2008 · 169 views

Thank you for the replies, I'm sad to see dbaumgart's isometric project being on ice but I understand his reasons. His new project sounds pretty interesting.

Now… back to Nimrod. I started last night to design how I wanted the quest system to work. The game I hopefully will develop with the Nimrod editor is not going to be a run-off-the-mill...

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