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Dungeons Of Dredmor Trailer #4 + Release Date Announced

Posted by , 09 January 2011 · 831 views

Alright, I've been slaving in the pixel mines on this one for years and now the end is truly in sight. The release date for Dungeons of Dredmor is set for April of 2011!

This new GameDev.net is ... disorienting ... so I'll just post an image of the video with a link next to it. Go watch! Edit: Thanks Josh for pointing out how to make this work!


Be sure to view it in high quality so that you can appreciate our awesome resolution jump. Yes, 800x600 just isn't good enough for the year 2011.

Also: Gaslamp Games has also finally picked up on using that Twitter thing, so check out our twitter page here.

The last ... long time, but the last week in particular has been exhausting as we've just pushed out beta 0.90 which is our first beta build with completely revised game mechanics and increased resolution.
Yeah, this is happening for real.

You can embed videos right in your blog posts using the 'media' bb tag:
Thanks a ton, that's much better!