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Cheap frills

Posted by Aph3x, 24 October 2008 · 539 views

Hostile Waters (+ some other old games) on the cheap :)

Stay on target... Stay on target!

Posted by Aph3x, 15 October 2008 · 431 views

Bit overdue for one of those log update thingies - my SVN changelog is getting crowded.

It's amazing how much work it takes at this stage to do stuff, and how little the game seems to progress after doing a big hack session. I have to tread the fine line between rapidly chucking in more features and keeping the build working on all fronts...


Posted by Aph3x, 02 October 2008 · 363 views

Mmmmm... this isn't just *any* island... this is a Carrier Commander modified ridged perlin island with smooth shader topping, enrobed in jus de la mer!
Wouldn't you just *love* to make some models to inhabit this beautiful island?!

Thanks for the image layout idea, Mr HopeDagger ;)

Help wanted

Posted by Aph3x, 23 September 2008 · 321 views

Hmmm. Time to get this thing put to bed I think.

I need a good 3d skinner/modeller to help get this thing finished. Anyone out there interested in Carrier Command and can do better than my efforts? (it aint hard - It's programmer art FGS ;))


Posted by Aph3x, 23 July 2008 · 643 views

Just finished the mother-of-all-changes to the source code – a solid two weeks of hackage to some code that’s been in there right from the beginning!

Basically, the old island structure class wasn’t up to what I required, so it’s been ripped out & replaced with the concept of a ‘structure cell’. These replace the old single structure,...

Gratuitous screenies

Posted by Aph3x, 02 July 2008 · 322 views

To show I'm still here!

Looking at ways to individualise the islands so the scenery doesn't get boring.
Should be able to integrate it with the random island generation and just pass in a few params to the shader :)

One of the younger islands - just a lump of rock:

Piebald island:


Posted by Aph3x, 20 June 2008 · 326 views

Kinda side-stepping recently...

Moving a lot of data over to Lua, making it easier to organise, load & mod.

Added new weapon: clusterbomb thingies :) Nice area destruction now possible, if you find it hard aiming Mr Quaker.

Making all weapons available to the island defense drones & turrets, and making their attack patterns dependent on their...


Posted by Aph3x, 03 June 2008 · 329 views

Back from hols last week - always strange getting back into things after a relaxing break. Normal service will resume shortly...

Found a nice article on indie game dev on my travels, brought to us by 'the escapist', home of the sublime Zero Punctuation. :)

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